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Learning Interpretable Embeddings via LLMs
Machine Learning · November 11, 2023
Our paper at EMNLP 2023, “Learning Interpretable Style Embeddings via Prompting LLMs” used GPT-3 to generate a synthetic dataset used for training interpretable text style embeddings, where each dimension of the embedding vector has a meaningful interpretation to a human.
ICLR 2023: Is GPT the Wrong Architecture?
Machine Learning · December 21, 2022
Our paper at ICLR 2023, “Bidirectional Language Models Are Also Few-shot Learners” surprisingly discovers that older models like T5, that predate GPT-3, were promptable and could perform in-context learning.
A Surprising Security Vulnerability on the Google Search Results Page
Projects · January 9, 2021
Back in 2015, I discovered a surprising security vulnerability that allowed you to run malicious JavaScript code on the Google search engine results page, which might be one of the most secure pages on the internet given how much daily traffic it recieves.
Language Comprehension is NP‑Complete
Machine Learning · October 10, 2020

Making sense of language is an NP-complete problem, which seems like something you might intuitively guess, but you can prove this by reducing the well known NP-complete problem of graph $k$-coloring to the anaphora agreement problem in linguistics.

Useful Linux Features and Utilities
Software Engineering · September 14, 2020

There are a number of core Linux features or shell utilities that can help build extremely efficient and effective software tools with minimal effort. I find these particularly useful when building server systems, build utilities, or tools for processing large amounts of data. Also, they are great for quick “hacky” solutions.

Raspberry Pi 4 Kubernetes Cluster with x86 Support
Projects · June 11, 2020
The new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B can perform extremely well in an on-premise server cluster as a replacement for cloud services like AWS. The usual drawback is the lack of x86 support given the Linux ARM package ecosystem is still nascent. I’ve hacked in x86 capabilities resembling Apple’s Rosetta 2.
Solving macOS VPN Connectivity Issues
Miscellaneous · June 7, 2020

For some reason, when connected to a VPN, macOS can choose to not route your traffic through the VPN and instead route it through the regular connection.

Sculpting Thanos to Learn Blender
Projects · May 29, 2020
The recent Blender 2.80 release has finally come with a much needed UI overhaul that makes it easier to work through the different stages of 3D modeling and animation and access the various tools Blender has. And with Blender’s growing popularity in industry, I finally got around to investing some time into learning it. While I’ve worked with 3D modeling and animation tools years ago, I never really did much beyond merging basic shapes together.
Relationship between Cosine Similarity and Euclidean Distance
Machine Learning · May 27, 2020

For unit-length vectors, both the cosine similarity and Euclidean distance measures can be used for ranking with the same order. In fact, you can directly convert between the two.

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